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My feelings on the game are very mixed. Certain aspects are great other are poor. I'll start with the good.

1. Graphics. The game is gorgeous and vibrant and the levels are full of life. Lots of great character animations as well.

2. Some great level themes in the game that don't just fell like rethreads of what was done in the og trilogy.

3. Fun bosses. The crash series has never been known for having great bosses, but this game has some very enjoyable ones that are creative and fun

4. cut scenes look great and voice work is very good.

5. Doesn't overuse vehicle sections like many of the past entries. 

6. Tawna is very enjoyable to play as. Has a unique moveset that doesn't feel too different from crash. 

Now the bad.

1. the levels are way to long. They just keep going and going and really outstay there welcome

2. Depth perception is awful. Even with the circle underneath crash it's often very difficult to tell how far away you are from something.

3. Way to many boxes in each level. Levels often have over 200 boxes in them. Almost every level has boxes hidden completely out of view, with absolutely no hint as to where they are. This along with the length of levels really hurts the replay value of levels.

4. Checkpoints never seem to be where they should be.

5. The mask powers are hit and miss. Some are fun and some are crap. The spinning one is the worst.

6. Cortex and dingodile are not great to play as. Dingodile is slow and dull. Cortex just feels finicky.

7. Vehicles control poorly.

8. While graphics are great I feel that there is often to much on screen at once, which often distracting. Sometimes enemies just blend in with the background.

9. Over reliance on tnt and nitro crates. They are just everywhere.

10. Music is mostly forgettable.

11. Difficulty often feels cheap rather than challenging.

12. Many inconsistencies. An example of this is in a level there are lasers sometimes I touch them while I have a mask and survive other times it's instant death.

Overall the game is fun but very flawed.