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So I finally decided to buckle down and actually play some games.

I buy more than I play so I have a sizeable backlog. I’ve given up on ever completing my unfinished 3DS, WiiU and Wii games (and NES/SNES Mini Classic games), but my unfinished Switch games should hopefully still be doable. Nevermind games on other systems. Started with resuming Luigi’s Mansion 3. I got until about halfway last year, but played every other floor beside the final one during this last week. Loved the Pyramid floor and its boss, and the floor with the three sister magicians, but the swimming pool boss was pretty annoying. Anyway one floor to go (I’m assuming, no spoilers please), but I’m going back to the other floors to see if I can still find the missing Gems and Boos.

When I’m done I’m moving on to Super Mario Odyssey, which I had nowhere near finished.