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Bandorr said:
Wyrdness said:

What are you on about? What multiplatform games a platform plays doesn't determine if a platform is in a gen or not.

What does then? The Switch is considered Gen 9 because The WIi U was a massive bust.

If they had back to back bust would the Switch have been Gen 10 then?

Why is the X1X not considered a new generation? The PS4 pro was barely an update but consider the original X1 and the X1X - huge difference.

What causes a generation change?

The X1X is an X1.  It plays the same games and adds nothing but more power, but with the same CPU bottleneck.

The Switch is not the same as a WiiU.  Aside from more power it functions completely different, can literally be played anywhere, has its own library, and is the successor to Nintendo's 8th gen console rather than being a mid gen refresh like the X1 and PS4 had.  That makes it 9th gen bub.  Nintendo moved forward into 9th gen in their own way, while Sony and MS decided to drag gen 8 out with refreshes.

OT Switch will dominate for two reasons.  Number is that there won't be enough stock for the new consoles to even touch Switch sales.  And number 2 is that Switch sales are not slowing anytime soon, and next year looks packed with exclusive games so really holiday 2021 will be much more interesting IMO.

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