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Veknoid_Outcast said:
Soren0079 said:
I have played so many of them because of the Switch. I've played a lot in past and loved them but the last 3 or so years has been glorious.
I've discovered so many because of the Psykio collections that imported through Playasia.
Also one that I hope gets more love is Velocity 2x. It mixes it's shooter genre with other stuff but it keeps the speed and shooting throughout.
I think the games that kicked off me buying so many shooters was Sine Mora EX & Rive on the Switch.
Ah I need to get a new job so that I can get some more!

Velocity 2X is great! I really enjoyed RIVE as well. 

What was your favorite from the Psikyo collections?

Ah I love Gunbarich! I've never played a game that managed to mix those genres together so well before. It's truly unique.
Sol Divide is brilliant. I also love Strikers 1945 II and Samurai Aces. Oh and Dragon Blaze and well I like them all but yea it just makes me wish that company hadn't been bought out and shut down.