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I know it's not the most common genre people play but I know those who do REALLY do. It's one of my fave genres alongside RPGs and Action games of various forms. I mean my avatar is pretty obvious to those who play them.

I played so many and love so many. Older Arcade stuff to Cave to more modern stuff. I am waiting for Ikaruga physical to ship for Switch end of October. Switch and PS4 have been a resurgence of these games from ports of older games to new sequels or new IPs. I could list a hundred that I love but this topic is just for the general discussion of it...unless I am like the only on this forum who does love them. The only one I want to mention for now just because it's a new IP and one game I love. Astebreed. To me, this feels like a spinoff of ZOE. Shmup/hack n slash hybrid and it's brilliant with a brilliant OST. On Switch, PS4 (I got the physical from LRG), and PC.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!