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I mean, for me, its there being a new 1st party game you can't get on an old console as well. I guess Demon's Souls doesn't even fit that as its a remake, but at least its from the ground up. Is Sackboy on PS4, too? Not sure.

I don't see anything in the Xbox library, but I'm not sure on some of those smaller games. I'm not trying to be fanboyish, but it just seems like usually there's a few games at launch. Even if its Perfect Dark: Zero or Ryse, they were at least new and shiny. Something to be excited about. I bought but never played Gears 5, so I guess I could do that. Never bought the game from Remedy either and wouldn't mind playing it. But feel like I'm reaching for a reason to buy, which I promised myself I wouldn't do. :)

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