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FormerlyTeamSilent13 said:
OTBWY said:


A lot of talk that can be said with less. I don't want to wade through shit to get to the nugget.

Wrong. You have only proven your confirmation bias by adding your own interpretation and putting that above the facts. 

Nope. I mean, aside from him showing that he has no moral compass and a fraud, much like his cult followers have a moral compass that's ossified and or simple lack one, it's pretty clear that he's been doing a lot of fraudulent shit to enrich himself and pay as little tax as possible by noting stuff as expenses that aren't. He is doing tax evasion. Aside from that, he takes money from foreign entities. And the great part about this is, there still stuff coming in. It's not even the end of it lol.

The point I was making can be made simpler without using the term deep state. Alternatively I could say our taxes are mismanaged at an extreme degree that does not benefit the taxpayers in a proportion for what is put into it by those same taxpayers. That being said the deep state is a real thing. Russia. Russia. Russia. Except Trump was never prosecuted by Mueller over Russia because they found nothing. Right now we are dealing with massive voter fraud attempts at levels we have never seen before. See: Project Veritas. Look at the Republicans that are coming out against Trump. The literal swamp like McCain's wife, ex-CIA agents, neoconservatives, let alone all of the Obama leftovers. I'm worried about real issues like this, but I feel confident Trump will fight no matter what is thrown at him. No one should be upset about this tax news because it's ridiculously overblown compared to real things going on.

You used the word deep state, and now you step back from it. Now that's weak. 

Also, they DID say that Russia interfered, you can't simply wish that away. There was a final report that concluded 3 years of investigation from a commitee that: Found that the Russian government had engaged in an "extensive campaign" to sabotage the election in favor of Trump, which included assistance from some members of Trump's own advisers.

Project Veritas is a right wing hatchet job bullshit operation by a creepy douchebag named O'Keefe that doctors and edits his footage.

Anyway, you do believe in a deep state. And that's believing in ghosts. You believe in ghosts.

Many democrats are in power right now via congress, courts, and executive branch including the White House (some of which are Obama leftovers). Corrupt government officials are still a problem to this country no matter what level they are at so Trump being president wouldn't dissolve that. Hunter Biden's scandals are a far more concrete example of corruption than this flimsy tax return data. Considering Trump is running against Joe Biden and Hunter's actions were not isolated away from Joe it's not a whataboutism, but actual relevant counterpoints.

This is a side step. Trump is in power and this is about him and his tax evasion. Try to keep your mental gymnastics focused on Trump please.

I replied because saying we are a cult is a blatant gaslight. This is overblowing something which might not be true and proves no illegal activity. The initial comment was not meaningful, but I shut down disruptive noise.

Nah, you replied cause I insulted you.

Where's the argument? First I'm not afraid to be called xenophobic because I'm mixed raced. More importantly the term xenophobia only exists as a subversive ad hominem for social marxists to psyop people against thinking for themselves. Nothing I said was xenophobic. It was true. Maybe try having an argument instead of resorting to social marxist gaslight attempts. It shows you are weak. Try debating stronger.

Mixed race people can't be racist? Hell, you could be part Irish or Italian. I don't care. You support a xenophobe and that kind of makes it easy to conclude it as such. Easy.

Also *social maxist gaslight attempts* *psyop* Fucking kek.

Truth is I have worked directly with legal and illegal immigrants for many years and looked into the leftist talking points and their studies regarding the subject. In personal experience I've seen some migrants get paid under the table so they will still receive welfare and other benefits (while getting the maximum amount on the books masking the illegality of the situation). Meaning they get some amount of money on the books so they qualify for free healthcare or tax refunds, but getting anything over that amount in cash. I've also seen some co-workers brazen enough to brag about crimes they got away with including drunk driving or reckless behavior (one instance was a young co-worker about 17/18 who thought it was funny he was riding bike across lanes against oncoming traffic and getting out of the way last minute). These are crimes where they put other people's lives at risk and they are proud they get off the hook because of guilt tripping a judge or cop about their family or keeping their job. This is how they explained they got out of it. Removing my personal anecdotes from the situation we can look at bogus claims from journalists. We are told there is only maybe 10, 12, 15 million illegal aliens. That number has been around and used by the left for decades. They want us to believe the number has never gone up. Truth is there has to be something like 25-50 million illegal aliens in addition to countless anchor babies abusing a loophole which was never designed for that purpose. When it comes to the money they add to the economy they take almost all of it back themselves through welfare and a lot of it even leaves the country. The American workers they supplant are not benefiting in any way, but instead seeing lower wages due to artificial competition. The only American people who see any benefit from these workers are the business owners and the corporations. Trump has made improvements on this front. A lot of the problem has been a lack of enforcement of laws which already exist specifically by corrupt government officials namely the democrats. 

I mean, aside from your personal experience meaning shit, most of this anti immigration stance can be chopped down to xenophobia and great replacement conspiracy. That's how it works with right wingers, they hide their power levels. Trust me, the further he tries to argue this point the more it will come to this. That always happens with reactionary proto-fashies.

We have corrupt attorney generals at state levels dropping charges on hundreds of criminals who committed violent acts of rioting including repeat offenders, antifa terrorists, and the violent parts of black lives matter. The left represent the pressures from the top and bottom against the middle, against Americans who did things the right way for generations. Crooks at the top and crooks at the bottom who then use their group privileges and drag other African Americans into their BLM cause through grifting. We should care about how our government spends its money. We should also care that we have too much illegal and legal immigration. After all we have very racist policies such as affirmative action and racial quotas which supplant equal opportunity. Universities and colleges are discriminating on race despite massive federal funding. This has to stop. Democrats want to look the other way and only some in the Trump presidency even have the balls to fight it.

Right wing terrorism is the number one terrorist threat in America. They kill the most Americans. By far. How many deaths did Antifa (which is not even an org) and BLM cause? What do you have to say about that?

The argument is that this whole story is a non-issue and that calling people cultists over that fact is just intellectual dishonesty. Even if this tax data is real there's nothing here that is illegal. However, there are real issues Americans should care about and debate. We have real problems with taxes. Maybe even some that we could agree on when it comes to corporations. Distractions and social marxist propaganda doesn't change the facts. We have to get our country back as Americans because right now we are in crisis. 

Yep. You are part of that cult.