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KratosLives said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Looking back on the Xbone launch and early days of PS4, the software was very lacking. My first Xbone game was Dead Rising 3, and it was entertaining, but it didn't really push any envelopes. The most next gen thing about it was the amount of zombies on screen at once, that blew away the previous gen. But compare it to something like Day's Gone, which is also open world, looks better, and also has a ton of zombies on screen. Games advance so much during a generation, imho it's pointless to expect to be blown away at launch. I got an Xbone because Titanfall was around the corner, and it sure didn't look special graphically. I wanted it because it looked amazing from a gameplay perspective (and it was, GOTG).

But at launch, Xbone had:

Forza 5, at 79 meta. I got this a year later and it was clear it was a rushed launch title.
Ryse, at 60 meta. This was my third Xbone game. It was a perfect launch title. Short, but showed off amazing graphics. Nothing spectacular, just a solid title.
Ass Creed, 83 meta on the PS4 version. Seems like a solid third party title. I never played it.
Battlefield 4, at 81 meta. I played this down the line. It was decent.
CoD Ghosts, at 78 meta. Doodoo game.
NBA/FIFA - good sports titles that I was not into.
Madden/NBA Live - doodoo sports titles that I was into.
Need for Speed - a solid port of the previous gens NFS title.
Zoo Tycoon - didn't even bother.
Peggle 2 - GOTG behind Titanfall

XSX/S is scheduled to launch with, or coming right after launch:

Gears Tactics (81 meta on PC)
Tetris Effect Connected (89 meta on PS4)
Ass Creed Valhalla (should be better than Black Flag)
CoD Black Ops (should be better than Ghosts)
Dirt 5 (should be better than FM5 and NFS)
DMC5 HD (89 meta for the original game)
Bright Memory (90% on Steam)
Watch Dogs Legion
Yasnoozea Like a Dragon
Crossfire X
12 Minutes
The Medium
The Ascent
Puyo Tetris 2

Among many others. Plus free upgrades to existing games like Gears 5 and Horizon 4 among others. Regardless of whether you want to emphasize whether games push next gen or not, it's pretty obvious the launch lineup exceeds what we saw at the start of this gen from either console. The third party lineup alone is way better. And I didn't even mention Cyberpunk.

Is there any series x game that is console exclusive?  I can't see why they'd release a console this november.

The first game I listed is console exclusive. So is Crossfire, The Medium, Scorn, The Ascent, and others.