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hinch said:


I don't know Tekken and Street Fighter were pretty big franchises back then. They certainly were console sellers back then. I know I bought a PS2 back in the day for those, plus Timesplitters. But you're probably right, console launches are usually quite weak and don't usually come with a killer app from out of the gate.

This ain't Street Fighter, this is Street Fighter EX. Definitely not a system seller. Sold under a million by our numbers.

You could make a better argument for Tekken Tag Tournament which sold about 4 million, but to me that's kind of pushing the definition of killer app. Also, debatable about whether that should count as an exclusive, as it'd been out at arcades for about a year by the time PS2 launched.

Again though, you can argue that the launch lineup is pretty weak, and weaker than the PS2. I'd probably agree on both of those. But to argue that this is some kind of unprecedently bad launch is a different argument that smacks of trolling.