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JWeinCom said:
Nautilus said:

Any time someone thinks that any of the things you posted can be considered extreme and that said place that promotes is considered, and I quote, "Extremely politically onesided", is positive for me, especially since many left-focused websites or jornals, like new york times, aren"t called that, when they clearly have a bias towards a certain political opinion.

Anyone that thinks that having positive news about Trump(or any right-leaned politician), or saying actual facts that isn't in favor of authoritarian-like movements like Black Lives Matter makes them "extreme" or think they are dilusional lives in a bubble, or at the very least are lying to themselves(or convinced themselves of that lie). 

Sorry, but this first paragraph is just beyond ridiculous. 

I will for argument's sake assume that the New York Times is a biased rag that promotes communism, authoritarianism, pedophilia, cannibalism, and rounding up an executing Trump supporters. Whatever.

No matter how biased the Times is, that does not have anything to do with how biased another source is. "I like my sources biased, because other sources are biased", is not a good argument. Attacking another thing does not make your thing better. If one food will kill you, and the other will make you go blind, you don't eat either.

Second paragraph is just a pure strawman argument.

Never said that I supported the site mentioned in the OP, though I did approve of it's overall approach to politic based on that one post(Because usually the people that makes that kind of comment are the ones that have tunnel vision, and thus anything they disagree with is something that I agree, but alas that's not the point). Actually I never heard of it before. The initial post I made regarding this subject is exactly what you pointed out: That it was being disregarded not by facts or actual arguments, like the posts you made, but rather because, and I will quote:

"-Anti lockdown support
-Negative news towards Black Lives Matter
-Positive news towards Trump
-anti censoring enforced by leftists"

All topics that have legitimate arguments for and against. So just disregarding it based on it being against something that you dont like or support, but not the arguments on why he is against, is faulty by itself. And the double standard about this whole discussion is, since every paper and website has some form of bias to one way or another(such as The New York Times being more left-leaned, as it is (usually) evident in the stories they run and how they phrase their editorials and such) disheartening and infuriating to say the least.

But if you want to argue with me, please dont attack me for saying this you dont agree, and then making things up that I didn't say. All I said is that The New York times is left-leaned, not "communism, authoritarianism, pedophilia, cannibalism, and rounding up an executing Trump supporters". Don't come to me saying my argument is a pure "strawnman argument" but you end pulling this.

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