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coolbeans said:
sethnintendo said:

Let's see USA did just fine with high tax against rich during Eisenhower era.  People were actually able to clime the ladder with GI Bill and other government assistance.  Fast forward to today when college will put you in debt and average worker wage has barely moved since the 80s.   Trickle down doesn't work no matter how many times you try.

We are now running massive deficts and gave most tax breaks to rich which have done nothing.  Sure small businesses need help but who got most help during 08 and 20 crises?   Big business because they have lobbyist.

You're pivoting away from the core of my response to give an incredibly reductive viewpoint about some things that occurred in the past.  We're already in the weeds.

Yea well least not a bitch ass wuss that needs ar15 to defend myself.  I'm 6'3 full of muscle and only needs a viking sledgehammer to show strength.

Edit- that was a slight to that dork that killed two people trying defend a city he wasn't even from. 

What did you want to debate about?  Republicans are on losing stick.   If I'm a lower wage manufacturer worker why would I vote republican?   They don't want to increase wages.    

Last edited by sethnintendo - on 27 September 2020