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coolbeans said:
sethnintendo said:

Sometimes putting the national guard in to regulate situations isn't a good idea. Remember Kent State when they shot and killed a bunch of students? There are some riots but it has been over blown by republicans. Remember 2018 when supposed caravans of endless people coming to USA. Don't hear too much about that these days. It is always fear. Republicans love playing the fear card. Terrorist, immigrants and now riots. Let us see there was also communist threat, socialism, gays, religion and taking guns away. Pretty damn soon they will run out of boogeyman's but I'll give them credit they will think of something. Remember be afraid. Very very afraid.

They like to name call democrats snowflakes but the real snowflakes are republicans because they are always scared of something.

That's such an inane way of thinking.  It's about the actual importance of the thing someone is scared of that matters, not the rate at which you're scared.  By this metric, an old-time republican whose fears constantly swing between brewing economic troubles & potential foreign-state aggression against allies is more of a 'snowflake' than some smooth-brained college student who periodically complains about offensive Halloween costumes.  Plus, your examples are kinda weird.  You have to be a special kind of coddled to not sympathize with someone's fear of the riots (and their potential).  For starters, the city of Minneapolis asked the federal government for $500 million.  Is the avg. taxpayer supposed to be this emotionless type of character to avoid being called a 'snowflake' in this scenario?  If you're a small business owner in a big city thinking about upcoming insurance hikes & property tax hikes, it's a normal human reaction to be fearful of that.

This is such a fascinating take to see in a thread where we're supposedly going to be in The Handmaid's Tale b/c this radical theocratic judge recited generic teachings of Jesus to a group of Catholic grads.

Let's see USA did just fine with high tax against rich during Eisenhower era.  People were actually able to clime the ladder with GI Bill and other government assistance.  Fast forward to today when college will put you in debt and average worker wage has barely moved since the 80s.   Trickle down doesn't work no matter how many times you try.

We are now running massive deficts and gave most tax breaks to rich which have done nothing.  Sure small businesses need help but who got most help during 08 and 20 crises?   Big business because they have lobbyist.