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NightlyPoe said:

So... I'm just supposed to ignore that they immediately start attacking a potential nominee based on her religion?  Your favorite website says it's not true, so what I'm watching happening in real time INCLUDING ON THIS VERY THREAD, isn't happening?

I'm not here to defend every criticism or attack that has been done on this nominee.

I can point out though that they are not only mentioning her Catholicism but the very specific brand of religious subset she belongs to.

I don't know much about her "Praise" group thing, but I can absolutely say that any group that claims that any nonbeliever, Atheist, or freethinker who doesn't entertain the idea of a god is a problem or is not fit to hold office goes against the very values of this nation.

Citizenship is not beholden to entertaining the idea of a god, not beholden to be fit to hold office.

I have no problem with Catholics and Christians, I don't have problems with them holding office. Pretty much all my family and friends are believers. These "attacks" you claim are NOTHING compared to how Atheist and nonbelievers are regarded in US, even by the very President of the United States which I quoted and you didn't even flinch at his antagonistic regard for nonbelievers because you simply don't care.

My favorite website? Oh yes, I quote them a lot because they do a great job chronicling all the times that the Right and the GOP take a shit on the separation of church and state, but I disagree a lot with their editorials and their leanings towards identity politics (although they aren't extreme when they incur in identity politics).

I have voted and will continue to vote for believers during elections, I just require them not to shove their idea of a god down my throat, which is way more that I give compared to the Religious Right who can't even say a nonbeliever can be a good citizen.

You REALLY need to get off that site, because it's messing with your head.  Again, the country is on a religious ebb.

If I stop watching news website because they have "opinions" I don't agree with I would have no place to read news anywhere.

NightlyPoe said:

If it's a strong Originalist, then conservatives will be happy.  If it's an activist judge, then they will oppose.

"Originalist" is code for the Religious Right to claim the Founding Fathers intended the citizens to be believers.

They want to claim that the government must help people be believers in the idea of a god.

The absolute joke about the "Originalist" claim is that our Founding Father have said things that the Religious Right would claim doesn't make them believers anymore or "true Christians" (just like they dismiss the idea that other Christian Democrats are "true believers"):

Thomas Jefferson even chopped off pieces of the Bible taking away most of the magic and supernatural.

If you tell me that all the above still makes you an Originalist then I AM an Originalist too.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: