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kirby007 said:

Wrong on all accounts, this is not what Kaz Hirai told me

Prove it.

eva01beserk said:

Like I said, im not the best to be explaining or debating this topic as I would just be repeting what someone else said. Make more sese to debate the guy on the video. 

That is fine.

eva01beserk said:

The ssd being used as ram sounds dubious and I only claim that others are speculating about it. I never said That I belive that to be the case But I do belive that the ps5 will save a lot more of its ram for graphics than the xbox.

We have been using SSD's and HDD's as "Ram" going back decades.
Heck, even the Original Xbox did it... It was called a "Swap File" or "Virtual Space".

It was essentially an extension to the DRAM memory space to allow developers more "breathing room". - It never replaced Ram, it couldn't, it wasn't fast enough... Just like the Playstation 5's SSD.

But it does "extend" your memory, which was the entire point of the Swap File's existence in the first place, to allow developers a larger "scratch pad" when they ran out of Ram... And the next-gen consoles are Ram limited, 16GB will be tiny by the end of the console generation.

eva01beserk said:

I hihghly doubt that the xbox had stuff runing in the background in thouse vids they themself put up. They are gona try to make the best example possible theres no way they will screw up like that. Still, they where diferent games, I still say untill the same game is compared theres no real comparison to be made.

I am not saying it does or doesn't. I am saying we simply "don't know".
The Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are using entirely different software stacks, API's and so forth, it's not going to be Apples to Apples until we get an independent source to do direct comparisons empirically.

eva01beserk said:

I looked into the direct storage and I never claimed the ps5 had 4 extra PCIE4 lanes, I said it had 4 PCIE4 lanes and the xbox has none.  What xbox claims as direct storege is an API solution but that again is more software. But again I could be wrong I just could not find any mention.

The Xbox Series X has 4x PCI-E lanes. It's actually identical to the Playstation 5 on this front.
Microsoft's approach isn't just software.

And I quote:
"Our second component is a high-speed hardware decompression block that can deliver over 6GB/s," reveals Andrew Goossen. "This is a dedicated silicon block that offloads decompression work from the CPU and is matched to the SSD so that decompression is never a bottleneck. The decompression hardware supports Zlib for general data and a new compression [system] called BCPack that is tailored to the GPU textures that typically comprise the vast majority of a game's package size."

eva01beserk said:

Never claimed the "equivalent cores" are actually cores. Its in the very word "equivalent". Its ovbious what I meant its that it does the work of that, but it can only do that and its not flexible.

Fixed function blocks are extremely efficient, because they are designed for singular task, which is why we use them in the computing sector.
Ryzen cores are just very different and definitely more powerful and flexible.

But normally we would spend an inordinate amount of CPU cycles doing decompression work, often because SIMD instructions aren't being leveraged fully, sometimes because there is a bottleneck in the code path or something else entirely.

eva01beserk said:

The more memory channel thing might be null, cant say that I know much for sure. But I dint get that from cerny, that again is from the video I linked and seemed resonable. 

The Playstation 5 does have more memory channels, but again, it's a redundant dot point and on it's own... Useless.

For example... You can have an 8x 32bit memory controller for a graphics card with it's Ram running at 1Ghz.
Or you can have a 4x 32bit memory controller for a graphics card with it's Ram running at 2Ghz.

They will provide identical bandwidth.

eva01beserk said:

Something I also forgot to mentioned was the 6 priority levels. But thats something I quite dont get much. All I get is that normal storage has 2. Maybe you can expand on that. 

Basically data can be prioritized based on urgency.

SSD controllers already have such technology, it's just not as finely grained or intuitive to leverage, what it means for gaming though, I am keen to see.
If it doesn't provide much in the way of real-world tangible benefits just like the extra ACE units in the Playstation 4, then it probably won't be adopted industry wide.

It's one of those things I need to see demonstrated by an independent source before I start proclaiming it's benefits.

eva01beserk said:

Yea I looked back I did write extra lanes. That's my mistake. Still from What you posted it dosent specify the sdd has the 4 lanes skiping the ram. The pictures imply it. But the text still says its part of direct x.

Direct X is running on top of it all.
Sony has it's own API doing the same thing in essence.

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