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Barkley said:
eva01beserk said:

You should probably watch the road to ps5 conference. Theres so much you got wrong. 

And by so much you mean 5500mb/s raw and 9000mb/s compressed for ps5.

Thanks for correcting me with these numbers you definitley provided, you were very helpful. lmao.

Na you missed much more. Its why I said wach the presentation cuz I wont be able to explain as well but Ill give it a shot.

Cerny said there where more hardware implementations than just raw ssd speed. Like the 4 extra PCIE4.0 lanes straight from the apu to the SSD, allowing it to skip the ram, the xbox has no such things. having 12 chanel memory vs the xbox 8 or 4(we still dont know, its most likely 8). The soc dedicted to handle data wich the ps5 has an equivalent of 9 ryzen cores while the xbox has a 4 cores equivalent. Cerny mentioned that there are other bottlenecks that limit data transfer speed so hdd's and sdd's dont run at their full speed all the time and the ps5 has hardware and software for that. The xbox only has sotware.

Again, Im not the best to tell you what this all translates to, but its much more than the 5.5 vs 2.4 raw speed. And I think we saw  a bit of this on the start up comparisons they have both made, the xbox had games start in like 4x the speed of the previous gen wich was like 12s vs 54s, while the ps5 was instant almost. under 2 sec wich was just the button presses and the fade to black between inmages. it was insane. But again, thouse where diferent games we might need to wait untill the same games are compared to really see.

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