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eva01beserk said:
Barkley said:

S/X both have SSD's. PS5 SSD is almost twice the speed but the difference shouldn't be too pronounced. The Xbox storage is roughly 40 times faster than the previous generation consoles, so a difference of two times between Xbox/PS5 is going to seem minor by comparison.

Old HDD Consoles = ~120mb/s
Xbox Series S/X = 2400mb/s (raw), 4800mb/s (compressed)
PS5 = 4500mb/s (raw), 7500mb/s (compressed)

You should probably watch the road to ps5 conference. Theres so much you got wrong. 

And by so much you mean 5500mb/s raw and 9000mb/s compressed for ps5.

Thanks for correcting me with these numbers you definitley provided, you were very helpful. lmao.