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Seece said:
axumblade said:

We broke up in 2014 but I wasn't very active on here at that time. We both had some depression issues. 

I dated a few people before hitting it off with Joel but they were either too emotionally dependant or kept leading me on. 

I always make the joke about finding love in a homeless place in regards to grindr. People looking for relationships claim they are usually looking for hookups and those that claim to be looking for hookups are usually looking for relationships.

That's pretty much it. All the dates I had amounted to nothing more than a fumble, but then the spontanious meets, on occasion turned out to be something more.

Glad to hear you met Joel and are doing well :)

Pretty much think that's the norm.

Grindr is definitely one of the best outlets to 'get yourself out there'.

I met my current partner on it as a once-off hookup, then he never left.

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