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Conina said:

Any word if the Xbox-SSD is TLC or QLC?


My bets are on TLC.

JRPGfan said:
Hopefully over time they will drop in price.
Xbox solution being a perpriatary solution it probably wont drop much however.

Hopefully its not this bad on playstation side (or drops faster in price).
Because 1TB of storage for games isnt much.

It will drop in price, just expect it to still carry a premium due to being a propriety form factor, it's why I am a proponent of open-standards.

I would expect things to be just as bad on the Playstation 5 if they require faster drives.

DroidKnight said:
I will be buying 1 for each game I purchase, and I will make custom game cases for each of them to treat them as game cartridges. I can't decide if I'm going with gold or platinum for my custom casing.

Not a good idea. NAND looses data over time, it's not an ideal storage medium for cold-storage.
Your best bet is to get a large and fast mechanical hard drive and plug it in via USB... Preferably something with RAID.

Yes I know you were being sarcastic.

Metallox said:
Someone help me, I thought S/X had an HDD? So now those machines can benefit from the same advantages that Sony promoted so much with PS5 and its SSD? Or am I mixing up things?

The Series S and Series X both have a solid state drive and it does bring the same benefits as the Playstation 5 SSD.

The difference is in their transfer throughput's, the Playstation 5's drive is more than twice as fast, meaning the PS5 will get shorter load times and potentially less popin when streaming assets.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

As a rule of thumb, price in Euro is roughly the price in US$, just with the difference that the Euro price has it's VAT already included.

And I agree, SSDs weren't cheap enough yet to go 2 TB at the launch of this gen without being a substantial part of the unit price, and that's also the reason why the Series S has even just 500 GB. But that doesn't mean that storage extensions should be way more expensive than with off-the-shelf SSDs.

Consoles are cost sensitive devices, years ago I asserted we were *never* going to get a complete console with 16GB or more of Ram and a high-speed SSD for $399.
Sony had to drop the optical drive and Microsoft went with a lower-end device to achieve prices that were equal or less than that.

But yeah, 2 terabytes were definitely off the table, SSD's just are there yet from a price perspective, maybe in a few more years.

Cubedramirez said:
people who have a limited understanding of this technology are complaining it's expensive.

It is expensive.

A_Robo_Commando said:
Barkley said:

S/X both have SSD's. PS5 SSD is almost twice the speed but the difference shouldn't be too pronounced. The Xbox storage is roughly 40 times faster than the previous generation consoles, so a difference of two times between Xbox/PS5 is going to seem minor by comparison.

Old HDD Consoles = ~120mb/s
Xbox Series S/X = 2400mb/s (raw), 4800mb/s (compressed)
PS5 = 4500mb/s (raw), 7500mb/s (compressed)

It's actually 5.5 GB/s (raw).

And old HDD Consoles were not using 7200rpm drives which could push 120~ MB/s, often it was about 50-60MB/s due to the 5400rpm 2.5" drives. Aka. Cheap shit garbage.
And would take an additional performance penalty in any random operations due to the slow seek speed.

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