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Bofferbrauer2 said:
yvanjean said:

Well a 2tb SSD is $350, so that's wasn't feasible. Sounds to me someone needs to clean up their drive or you need to buy HHD server to store some of your games.

Try 230€ instead:

Keep in mind that that SSD is faster than the one in the XSX...

I'm Canadian but I always write using the USD $ to make it more understandable ... tired of going to price converter with your €, If you going to respond shouldn't you used the same currency rate? (2TB SSD at 230€=268.33$USD)

Microsoft and Sony were never going to go with a 2TB SSD, the biggest buying factor at retail is always price so adding an extra $100 would of really hurt their console sales. 

1TB Expandable SSD at $220 on Xbox series X just doesn't make sense when considering an XSS is only $299. I'm saying you should either clean up your drive or get HHD expansion until the price drop on the Expandable storage. I have been moving games on my Xbox One X between external and internal it's pain-free and doesn't take that much time. So, really nothing compared to the option of adding a 2TB HHD at 60$USD. 

$220 is 44% of the cost of Xbox Series X. I guess we all heard the price was going to be $220 so not really a surprise, but still, I think Microsoft really drop the ball on this one. 

Last edited by yvanjean - on 24 September 2020