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Runa216 said:

Because I learned my lesson. They had next to nothing compared to Ps3 between the years of 2010 and 2013, and they promised the next gen would be better. I bought an Xbox One hoping it'd have the momentum and quality and variety of the first 4 years of the Xbox 360's life cycle...but the entire generation was crap. The Xbox One has virtually nothing of value on it I can't get elsewhere on consoles I actually play on. I trusted them, and I got burned for it. what makes you honestly think that the exact same thing won't happen again? nothing has changed, just the number of bought companies. If anything, things are even worse now than they were in 2010-2013, because it's been even longer since Microsoft was a driving force in the industry. 

CAN they turn it around? sure, of course they CAN. sony fucked up in Gen 7 and they turned it around. The thing is, they have done nothing to give me that impression. 

Last generation I went into it with cash to spare and a willingness to give them the benefit of the doubt. I'd gotten over the 7th gen console wars and decide I was going to 'have it all, baby' (As my signature suggests). Therefore, there were no sides. I was on everyone's side as long as the games kept coming. but they didn't. This gen, I'm poor as fuck and have to pick sides. PS5 has loads upon loads of amazing games I want to play already, is backwards compatible to the generation I actually like, and has a history of delivering the goods throughout and trying new things. Xbox has a history of failing to deliver, underdelivering on what promises it does make, failing to make anything of acquired studios, and a general shit mentality to consoles. 

I don't WANT to pick sides, but I have to and it ain't Xbox. Them having one good franchise in Elder Scrolls is a loss for me, not a reason to get a console. they need a lot more to make it worth my time and money. Until then, it's just a loss for me and anyone else who can't be bothered to buy a historically poor brand. 

You are simply insulting Microsoft without even looking at the facts.

Last gen response to issues with Xbox One:
1. They brought in GamePass as a make-good for not having as many major exclusives and own title to rival the competition. They brought in great third party games in the service that brings value to their customers at no extra costs. They really focus on bringing compelling games for their players when you look at their console exclusives and game that joined game pass. 
2. Last gen Microsoft decided to fund third party studios instead of investing in their own studios and that was a failure with low-quality titles or cancel projects.  Crackdown 3; Scalebound, many low Metacritic games, and I bet there are a bunch of unknown deals that also failed.  
3. They responded to the lack of internal studios growing from 8 to 15 internal studios,  they even built one studio from the grounds up in the initiatives.
4. They are leading the way in terms of backward compatibility and enhanced older games to play on current-gen consoles. 
5. Drop and stop support useless tech that was Kinect 2.0 and the customer clearly did not want. 

This gen:
1. They responded by giving us the most powerful consoles at a very competitive price.
2. They also giving you the most affordable console (Xbox Series S), which really decreases the barrier to entry.
3. They just bought Zenimax, which has been in the work since 2018.
4. They continue to bring more value to game pass by adding titles and making a deal with EA.
5. Unlike Sony they have always been upfront about supporting the last-gen consoles that are tremendous value for people that can't afford to make the jump right away. 

What has Sony has done this generation lock away exclusives, they increased game price at $70, and lied about being all about believing in Generations with misleading marketing. 

Last edited by yvanjean - on 23 September 2020

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA