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yvanjean said:

3rd - Your argument about being poor and can’t afford an XSX is not valid because Microsoft isn’t forcing you to get an XSX or XSS that’s Sony approach. If I want to play Sony’s exclusive I need to get their consoles, buy their games, and if I want to play online subscribe to PSNOW. If you want to play Xbox exclusive you only need to pay $15 Gamepass Ultimate, play it on a device you already own and then you can opt-out of the service.  $500 paywall vs $15 paywall. 

I do not think this is accurate :)

You need a PC good enough to be able to play those games and enjoy them. While XCloud is a nice option, it is certainly not the best way to play games if you want a good experience. I think the paywall is there too for Microsoft, just that you have other options than just buying an Xbox (like going for a PC good enough)...