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Runa216 said:
yvanjean said:

Haha you do know that exactly what us Xbox console owner had to put up with Sony as a market leader. Barren wasteland is simply your false opinion but non the less Sony is currently using their position as a market leader to secure Exclusive title and try to squash the competitor's consoles. They've already secure Final Fantasy 16, tried to get Starfield, and is apparently trying to lock down the next GTA title. 

Don't get me wrong, If Microsoft were ever to outgrow the competition it would also be very bad for the industry. 

As an Xbox owner, I already purchase another console to play exclusive on the Nintendo Switch, so it does suck when competitor lock-in games to their platform. But, I'm glad to see Sony being reeled in and will be forced to offer more to the customers to attract new business. 

You've already seen arrogant Sony and how they conduct business. At the start of PS4, They add the most powerful console at the cheapest price, they were really pushing indie games on their platform to complement their exclusives. But, like I said Arrogant Sony became the market leader, they stop promoting indie games, the entire focus switch to their own exclusives, they offered a somewhat underpowered console in PS4 Pro and drop 4k UHD blu-ray to save a buck. Sony really wants a closed ecosystem, forcing all customers on their platform only. Sony is leading the way on the $69.99 price hike on video games.

Would you quit with this 'baawww, get your own medicine' rhetoric? This is just how business works. Nintendo did it, Sony did it, Microsoft did it, they all did it and will continue to do it as long as there's imbalance in the market. that's Economics 101: In order to get customers, either do something really well or offer something nobody else does. Buying companies is a way to get things and ensure your brand has something that other companies do not. This isn't some personal vendetta, it's just companies doing what they can to make their brand the best. Honestly, ya look like a bit of a fool gloating like it's some big underdog win or that the opposition is EEEEEEVIL and deserves it. IT's just good business. I said it before and I'll say it again, if Sony did the exact same thing, I'd be cheering. Because I made my choice between the brands due to budgetary constraints, and if Sony wins, I win. If I can ever afford an XSX, then I'll stop caring. IT's literally a matter of friendly rivalry. Microsoft won a huge goal here. I don't like that because I'm not a Microsoft gal. Simple as that. don't try to frame it as revenge or something. Seriously, have some fun here and stop taking everything so personally. 

My issue is twofold. 1 - Microsoft has a history of flubbing purchases like this (Look at Rare and all the other companies they keep buying and paying to make games only to still somehow not have any exclusives all this time later.) 2 - One game series is not enough of a reason for me to get an Xbox, no matter how much I love it. 3 - I've gotta pick between PS5 and XSX this gen due to being a poor-assed bitch, so yer damn right I'm gonna boo when the opposition gets a goal.

1st - You are posting all of this on Microsoft thread. 
2nd - I'm not saying its underdog win, the opposition is evil or any of that; This was entirely brought on as a response to Sony's current practice as a market leader. 
3rd - Your argument about being poor and can’t afford an XSX is not valid because Microsoft isn’t forcing you to get an XSX or XSS that’s Sony approach. If I want to play Sony’s exclusive I need to get their consoles, buy their games, and if I want to play online subscribe to PSNOW. If you want to play Xbox exclusive you only need to pay $15 Gamepass Ultimate, play it on a device you already own and then you can opt-out of the service.  $500 paywall vs $15 paywall. There is also the entire Microsoft supporting the last generation for 1-2 years that was bashed by Sony and their community, just to have it turn out that Sony is doing the exact same thing just not being open about what they were actually planning to promote a faster conversion to their new console.  

Last edited by yvanjean - on 23 September 2020