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DroidKnight said:
hinch said:

Should have called it Xbox Two or Xbox 2. Way less chance of confusion for the average consumer.

I always thought the code names were cool.  Lockhart and Anaconda.  Or change Anaconda to Scarlett. Xbox Lockhart, Xbox Scarlett.  Unique sounding to differentiate them.  The Xbox One X I have is the Scorpio Edition and is stamped with the Logos.

The code names and eastereggs are cool. Didn't they print a small Masterchief on a motherboard of one?

But yeah, there are too many names given to the Xbox consoles when they could just simplify it to a iterative thing. They started with one, why not go two.

Try explaining a new Xbox and naming scheme to a non gamer about a Series S and X and Xbox One S/X and watch as they scratch their heads.