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This is my first-time pre-ordering a console and what an awful experience. 

I initially planned on getting it from Microsoft store or Amazon:

Microsoft store: I initially got my pre-order on Microsoft store but the site crash during check out and when it reloaded kept saying only one order per customer.By the time I reloaded the site, Xbox series X was sold out. 

While this is happening Amazon's pre-order never came live. 

So, I tried Best-buy and Wal-mart; Wal-mart was sold out. Best-buy did have pre-order available and I got as far as my credit card processing screen then I got an error. After, that I kept getting the same error everyone is posting on Twitter. 

By this time it's been over an hour since pre-order opened and I was ready to move on and wait for the next round. 

Luckily, I decided to check out why Amazon page wasn't giving pre-order and I must of check just as it open about 1.5 hours after the Xbox series X pre-order open and got my pre-order in from Pre-order on amazon were gone in a matter of minutes.  

There are now 1500 Xbox series X available on Ebay. My goal was to try to secure two consoles from Microsoft and Amazon in case there shipping problems and sell my second consoles to someone at costs. But, I barely got my hand on one pre-order.  

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA