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According to People (via Yahoo) a museum at Oxford described in the article as "one of the leading museums of anthropology, ethnography and archaeology in the world" is removing some of its pieces (here: "shrunken heads") from display because they "[reinforce] racist and stereotypical thinking that goes against the Museum's values today."

It's hard for me not to think of Orwell here and the "memory hole," and how far are we really from these sorts of things being taken out of textbooks, too, to protect students against such stereotypical thinking? This seems to me to be a dangerous thing to do, hiding true things from our history in order to get people to believe the things we deem proper for them. Paternalistic at best, totalitarian at worst.

I get that not many people care about "truth" anymore. The President of the US sure as hell does not. But to see institutions like Oxford show such contempt for it is still bracing. This is the kind of thing that people on the left always said would never happen; and if this is where "political correctness" leads, then we're right to reject it. People should be told the truth, shown the truth, especially by a bloody museum of all places, and then be allowed to come to their own conclusions.