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EricHiggin said:

Well you know what they say, 'beauty is in the eye of the Barad-dur'.

Even though SNY did what I mostly wanted them to do, I wasn't expecting it. I didn't think they would make it as big and definitely didn't think it would look so much different than the norm. While it would be nice if it were a little smaller, as long as it's dead silent I'm fine with it. It really has little reason to make any cooling noise at all, unless they use cheap quality parts, or due to later gen games pushing the system to it's absolute limits. Even then, it should be very reasonably quiet. Looks wise it's certainly different, but I mostly don't mind. It has grown on me since it's initial unveiling.

I'm just happy it looks as though MS is going to be able to mount a reasonable response this time. For PS5 to just ride on PS4's momentum and keep the same type of lead would end up quite boring overall. If MS can produce some banger exclusives, then things will really start to get interesting.

I personally can't wait to see the teardown.

As for the bolded,its my understanding that it would be nigh impossible for the PS5 to overheat or the fans ever get louder than a certain threshold.

Remember, Fixed power, variable-frequency.

So basically the PS5 has a peak APU power draw limit. Let's call that 250W. It would never draw more than 250W for the APU, and if some code is threatening to push the processor to a point where it would need to draw more power, it would rather downclock the CPU/GPU to stay within the power limit. This basically means that sony would have designed their cooler to accommodate for a 250W TDP. If their cooler would keep that chip cool at a steady 65C for example, the PS5 would never be hotter than that by more than a few degrees, and that would have more to do with your ambient room temperature than the console itself.

At least, this is my understanding of the tech.