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If this was about making lists, its easy to see why XSX/S should do a lot better. Its easy to ven assume they have sony beat.

Butat the end of the day, no amount of lists makeup from the games and brand loyalty. Lists would be great if at least 80% of all potential buyers sit and weigh the pros and cons to each console before they buy. But that's not the nature of gaming, and it has never been.

Even when looking at these lists/pros of any platform, you will find that people would just list out the things that their "already" chosen platform has and make them out to be what matters most (and it does, to them at least). But none of that is reflective of the fact that there are gamers or parts of the world where certain platforms are not even considered. They aren't even in the conversation.

Its ll about the games. Thats what gaming consoles are always about. It doesn't matter how cheap or say it is to get games on your platform if the games you have on offer isn't what people want. If MS wants to compete on even footing with Sony they need a two-generation plan to get it right. First-gen, build and introduce stellar GOTY level IPs. Slowly but surely build your userbase on the singular premise of wanting to play your games. In the second-gen, build on that momentum, capitalize on the best IPs from your previous gen, add in new ones.

Its really that simple. MS seems to be focusing on everything else except what they really should be focusing on. Everything MS is doing or has done, is can be highlighted (their power advantage), made better (their services like gamepass)..etc, if only they had the games to back them up. Just look at the Switch/PS2 and even arguably the PS3, all platforms that have shown that power is not what drives sales. ook at the current next-gen climate. For all the power the XSX has, all anyone is talking abt are the games coming to the PS5.

MS needs to start churning out the games. Its that simple. I mean just imagine if sony were the sons doing what MS is doing right now with gamepass with the kinda games and partnerships they have jut for the first year? The XSX/S would be DOA.