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super_etecoon said:
I don't know. For me to ever care about being a GameStop consumer again they would have to quit hiring anti Nintendo trolls. It doesn't seem likely anytime soon. It's a difficult thing to ask low wage employees to leave their biases at the door and to remember that they should be a cheerleader for the entire industry, not just their preferred compan(ies), but it should be required. It just makes good customer service sense. I'm not the kind of customer to loiter and waste an associate's time, but if you want to engage me in a dialog about gaming (because that's what your customer service guidelines request), don't make every conversation into some console wars flame thread. If you can't handle that bit of cordiality, then allow me to shop for my Nintendo merchandise in peace. And this goes for any bias, not just in regards to Nintendo. These stores need to hold their employees to a higher standard (and breadth of interest). It is, after all, one of the funnest jobs you can have as a kid. Show some respect to the honor and the perks that come along with it.

it is the funnest job because of the war

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