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Norion said:

It was already almost guaranteed but after today there's no more chances for Sony to fuck up so they'll win worldwide for sure but in specific countries like the US they might not.

eva01beserk said:
Now that the digital ps5 price is confirmed at $400. The Xbox dosent stand a chance not even in the US anymore. An series s is just not worth it.

mutantsushi said:
Sure, especially if as it seems the case, alot of PS5 games will offer 1080p performance mode.
XSX could also do so, but I'd imagine most who get top model will have 4K screens,
and as those don't seem available in smaller screens, dropping to 1080p would be poor experience.

What I'm not sure is how many additional sales MS might get from subscription installment/lease.
Seems reasonable for Sony to do so also, but they may not have all their cards ready for their offering.
Makes sense it would be PS5 exclusive (like their free offering atop PSPlus) ...could involve Epic too?

To you all:

PS5 digital in the long run will be more expensive than ps5 disc drive since you can't resell your old games with it anymore.