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The Xbox Series X will give you over the Xbox Series S:
* HD and UHD Blu-Ray.
* Super Sampled Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X games where available. (I.E. Games will look as crisp as possible.)
* Better texturing.
* Better texture filtering.
* More storage.
* Better Anti-Aliasing.
* Better reflections, lighting and shadowing due to the potential extra Ray Tracing resources.
* Potentially better/higher framerates. (Varies by game of course.)

Just because a console is built for 4k, doesn't mean you don't get benefits on a 1080P display, once the Series X drops... My Xbox One X will be going into the games room on a 1080P 75" display and it will definitely look better than the base Xbox One.

The Series S *can* do 4k, but developers are very unlikely to leverage that.

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