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AkimboCurly said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I imagine games optimized for Series X actually require significant work, essentially be a port to really utilize the new hardware.

Unoptimized will still have significant upgrades like fast loading, dynamic resolutions staying at max, performance actually locking to 30 or 60 fps, etc. I recall MS also demonstrated Gears Ultimate was running at native 4K even though the game has no 4K support on Xbox One. Upgrades like that might just be at some emulation level but still not an optimized game.

Is this true? I had presumed that an unoptimised game would effectively just be the One X version at a locked framerate and hitting the original resolution target.

So like, here's a question. Sunset Overdrive came out back in 2014... say I want to get the DLC and play it in 4k rather than 900p, and want to see Dolby Vision at its finest. On the One X it still runs at 900p@30fps and the only change is nice 16x anisotropic filtering. To my understanding it will still be 900p@30fps on XSX, right?

Don`t forget a very big bunch of games didn`t get an optimization for PS4Pro or X1X.

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