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kenjab said:
DonFerrari said:

technically Series S could even do 4k60fps. It all depends on the game, some others even 900p30fps may be to much.

Otter said:

The PS3 can do 1080p/60fps, the Switch can do 1080p/60fps but Breath of the Wild runs at 900p 30fps and plenty run at 720p 30fps.

What a system can do is all relative to the demands of the game. Just as we've seen this generation, most single player games are designed around 30fps and maximum visual fidelity. This is unlikely to change. Internally Microsoft teams may target 60fps but we know thats not the case for a lot of 3rd parties.

Ok, so this is getting to crux of what I'm asking.  I was under the impression that the Series S is powerful enough to give the best possible performance at 1080p, and that the extra TFLOPS, RAM, processing speed, etc of the Series X is wasted in 1080p.  So if a game is designed to run at 900p/30 it can potentially run at 1080p/60 on the Series X?  Is that possible?  I thought if a game was designed for a specific resolution/fps it can't go any faster no matter how powerful the console.

Well it depends...

A developer can hard code a game to work only at certain FPS and resolution (thus why some games when ported need to have that either unlocked or won`t see improvement on framerate and what not).

And yes a game could be made under fullHD on Series S (I doubt, but not impossible).

Also it is possible that some devs will allow us to have several options so let`s say you have Series X but don`t have 4k, so you can for example decide for higher quality RTX or Ultra effects like in PC.

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