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Cobretti2 said:
DonFerrari said:

From what we know Sony will have certified (but don`t need to be) expansion driver for internally, but externally will be USB 3.1 or perhaps 3.2 still not sure if even a capable SSD on the external would run nextgen game.

Yep and that makes me happy that there is some way for next gen games to be stored (even if it costs me more for their certified expansion drives).

Main reason I wanted this ability was tired of all the day 1 patches and addons, that you have deleted only to years later not being able to play it.

Being able to play last gen games and store them on a regular external is also an awesome addition. Finally I never have to delete stuff, just buy multiple drive. Hell even back up drives if I feel like it. 

Actually at least for PS you don't really need it to be certified, as long as it have the capability it shall work (per Cerny saying), the certification is just that Sony will test and certify some so user can safely buy.

On the MS front I don't think it is impossible as well that some third parties make their own expansion SDD for Series X and Series S for a lot cheaper, but also sure it won't be as trustworthy as the official one.

Mr Puggsly said:
ironmanDX said:

I'm coming from One S so even if a lot of the games I play currently get bumped up to the Xbox One X versions, I'll be pretty wrapped. Apex Legends for me, for an example is 720-1080 dynamic 60fps.

Kinda can't wait to see it in 4k tbh.

Unfortunately, the Series S is designed to handle BC content like a base console. I was bummed by this news.

Its not all bad though, it seems likely the Series S can still push dynamic resolutions and performance to their max. Load times will also be vastly improved. I bet there will be titles where BC on Series S is still better than using a One X overall.

On a side note, I'm thinking the Series S can't do 4K in games at all. The advertising suggests it really is limited to 1440p. So if Apex does get optimized for Series S, it will likely be at 1440p which is still much better than base Xbox One.

Disappointing, but the price is still good for what it does.

That is a disappointment. For the big power difference it certainly could do more, but ow well, possibly people getting Series S won't be that bothered by it.

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