Intrinsic said:
RolStoppable said:
The biggest problem I have with this kind oford

Well said. And that echos my thoughts exactly.

sales2099 said:

We went from 6-10-15-11. That’s weird that they can’t decide on a hard number. The news also gives me the impression the hardware team just isn’t on the ball.

PS4 did 7.4 million by Mar 2014 and that was them being cheaper and compared to a PR nightmare Xbox One launch. This is not 2013 and its weird they have a high bar when they don’t have the price nor power advantage.

You seem to think that power determines how well something sells. You should look at the switch. You also seem to think that sony and MS are on level footing. They simply are not. 

Besides, what this report confirms is just that it shouldn't be taken seriously. As Rol said above, Sony has not announced any official guidance with regards to their shipment totals for the year for the PS5. Mind you, they have done so for the PS4. This is like saying something is delayed when a date was never announced to begin with.

Also, potential shipments is a moving target. And has absolutely nothing to do with any hardware team. It's derivative of a number of factors, component availability, competition, price...etc. Sony could have started off with a conservative 6M knowing that would be an easy target to hit, readjusted it to 15M when they were informed that yields are better and that prices of DRAM and NAND flash have fallen, then readjusted it again when told that yields aren't as good as promised. Nothing they could do about that. They aren't the ones making the APU at all. They have lofty goals and expectations, that's the only reason stuff like this is even making the rounds. 

If sony manages to ship 11Munits by March 2021 and sells through that lot around the same time or in April and MS only manages to ship and sell 5M, would you still see this as sony not being on the ball?

DonFerrari said:

You hear anyone peddling rumors like that and you know its just nonsense. 

I’m rolling my eyes at your first comment. Please, you don’t have to educate me on the importance of brand over specs. The power narrative does apply to the niche core gamers that care about their multiplats. The vocal minority. Everything helps, power and price of Series S will ensure the gap initially  won’t be as wide. 

I’m allowed to say the shifting shipment projections are a bit much, it’s fair to say. And by hardware teams I was referring to the chip yield aspect. By being on the ball I mean having a flawless hardware production, not rumors like this. Selling on their brand power is not the point at all I was making. 

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