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APU inside the xbox one X is 360,4mm^2 (wider memory bus + more CU's =  bigger chip)
The one inside the PS5 is rumored to be under 300mm^2.

PS5 also uses cheaper ram (they dont have to run as fast, so they can probably get away with a cheaper chip of memory)

PS5 cooling will without a doubt be more expensive, though probably not hugely so.
(the upside is I think, this also means a less noisy & more cool running chip, I expect it to use less power than the series X)

PSU = I expect the series X one to be slightly bigger and thus probably abit more costly.

The big thing against the PS5 is the controller (10-15$ more in parts?).
I expect Sony to have spendt abit more on this part than the xbox's.

SSD = sony spent abit more on it than Xbox, but thanks to it being 825GB instead of 1TB, I suspect its not by a large factor.

I still think overall the PS5 probably be slightly cheaper in to manufacture overall than the series X.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 13 September 2020