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AkimboCurly said:
Captain_Yuri said:
I am still waiting to get my hands on a proper 4k tv for myself. Like we do have a Samsung one but I don't play games on it.

I am trying to get one that is fap worthy for both PCs and consoles. Most likely I will wait until next year as some cool 4k monitors are supposed to come out.

Unless you have big bucks in 2020 you can only have two of resolution, size, colour quality and refresh rate. 

I don't want to make any grand claims about the best way to game. But the prettiest way is with size and colour - not resolution and refresh rate. As soon as Sony or LG get an affordable 4k TV to 120Hz.. that's when i'll go 4k.

I can personally afford to get the LG CX 48 OLED but right now, there's an issue with VRR that's affecting both CX and C9 tvs which if I am gonna spend that kinda money, I don't want issues like that.

The problem with size is that it is very dependent on how far you sit. If you are in a living room, then yea, bigger than better. For me, I do both my PC and console gaming on my desktop monitor so going anything above 48 inches is a bit of a no thanks for me. Personally I'd prefer a 32 inch in my case. Colour I do agree as long as the game implements HDR correctly.

But personally for gaming, having only excellent colours won't get me the smoothness of high frame rate and games are more than just about watching an interactive movie. I am willing to pay to get a great TV or Monitor but only if it delivers in all those areas to a fap worthy degree including as you said, Colour.


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