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IcaroRibeiro said:
Switch successor (I call it Switch 2) won't be released before 7 years in life of current standard Switch

And I, personally, think it will be released either on christmas on 2024 or early 2025.

Switch new model (I call it Switch 1.5) is coming early next year

It's already 3 years (maybe even 4 years) from Switch 1.5 to Switch 2. It's enough time, it's not like Switch 2 will suffer from huge demand for the Switch 1.5

People who buy a console late (half of the console lifecycles) won't buy Switch 2 on release either. They will wait to buy Switch 2 as well

There is also a point, Switch 1.5 and Switch 1 catalog will be 99% the same. It's just 1.5 will have better graphics and maybe more stable framerates, so late games will run more smoothly on 1.5, I also think some PS4/Xbox ports that will come from gargabe (Outer Worlds) to something more decent

Switch 2 games will be another thing entirely. Their games won't run on Switch 1, and probably won't play on Switch 1.5 either. I don't see how 1.5 released almost 4 years before and with much lower specs can affect Switch 2

Exactly. This is just another Switch model. I don't get why people are getting all crazy with ideas that this is a whole new system and its gonna play different games or its basically a Switch 2 or whatever other nonsense. It's just gonna beef up the performance of the same games so you get higher res and higher framerate where needed. It's nothing that would compete with Switch 2 or stop people from buying next gen several years later. The only exclusive games might come from this rumored new interactivity the next model is supposed to have, kinda like how there were like 5 games that were exclusive to DSi because they required the cameras. The fact that it supposedly can output higher resolutions doesn't mean anything for exclusive games. People are acting like Nintendo has never released updated portable systems before. They literally do this every single generation.

Probably the nicest thing that you'll get from owning this upgraded model is if you buy PS4/XB1 ports on Switch that have low resolution or have some framerate slowdown, they should look crisper and run smoother on the the upgraded Switch in comparison to the other two models.

The kind of people that don't have a Switch yet and are gonna buy this upgraded model probably aren't gonna get a Switch 2 in its first few years anyway. And the kind of people who already have a Switch and are gonna upgrade to this new model when it comes out are the kind of people that will still buy a Switch 2 early on because they clearly want to have the latest and greatest thing available and have the money to spend on it.