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Signalstar said:
Pok87 said:

I've added Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

One great exclusive game is better than 100 indies/ports.

With Halo it would be a perfect launch, but now it will only be good/average.

What was the great exclusive launch game on Switch? BOTW was multiplat and available on Wii U the same day.

WiiU was already a dead console by then. And that's why BotW made the Switch sell brilliantly, and WiiU sales didn't really jump. The same would be with Halo Infinite.

Imagine how the Switch would sell if BotW and Mario Kart 8 were also released on the same day on PC, Xbox One and Ps4. People wouldn't have any special motivation to buy a new Nintendo console (unless they were keen on portable gaming). Rather, they'd go for the console version they already have.

However, what matters most, is exclusive on the new generation. If Cyberpunk was released only on one new generation console, it would be a huge advantage for this console, despite the premiere also on the old generation.