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trunkswd said:
Most consoles don't have a great launch lineup. Switch with Breath of the Wild is one of the few exceptions. No Halo certainly hurts the lineup at launch, but the console will be sold out through the holiday season. Let's hope Halo Infinite launches in March or April 2021 OR Microsoft has another heavy hitter ready for early 2021. If not, sales will drop a fair amount.

I'd much rather them bring up Forza Horizon 5 into that window if it's anywhere near ready. I'd trust the team at Playgraound to get it prepared in time, whereas the Halo Infinite team needs as long as they can get.

If they're working on two different builds for Horizon 5 similar to Horizon 2, they can even push the Xbone version back a couple months, while prioritising getting it out early for SeriesX|S.