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Pok87 said:
VAMatt said:
The fall Destiny expansion launches the same day, and will be on Gamepass. I'm assuming we're getting the next gen version that day. I think that's a critical component of the next gen XB launch, considering the loss of Halo.

I've added Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Jranation said:
Lets be real, any console launch is better than the Switch. BOTW was quality, but you need quantity too.

One great exclusive game is better than 100 indies/ports.

With Halo it would be a perfect launch, but now it will only be good/average.

Is exclusive a game genre, student debt forgiveness or what? 
There is no exclusive game on launch window of these consoles, that generates more enthusiasm than Cyberpunk. There will be nothing exclusive that will capture the masses like COD, FIFA and NBA2K. 
Remember, the most played game probably this year on PlayStation is Fall Guys, which probably have a better attach ratio than anything Sony released this year. 
The launch line up, at least for Xbox, is fantastic. 🙂