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vivster said:

That's a political issue and can't be solved by just capitalism. As it stands the only way to have improvement in our current system is to replace a bad monopoly with a slightly better one. Thinking some day a benevolent actor will emerge and wipe away all the bad monopolists is delusional. The reason is that it is not possible to gather vast amounts of wealth without acting immoral and stepping over corpses. To topple a powerful company you need to be powerful yourself and you won't become powerful by being ethical. The only other solution is political intervention.

So just sit back and be glad that at least something is happening. It's not like you can do anything about it anyway.

It's not even a Capitalistic issue, it's just one person wanting more power, wanting to control what goes on and that they think they have every right to do it, because having lots and lots of money and suckers at your side does that to you (literally, history proves this time and time again).

Epic isn't going to be any better at being a monopoly though, it's literally idiots trading one bad thing for another, and claiming all's right with the world. Then they'll get stung so bad in the ass a few years to decades down the road and then we'll be seeing the same song and dance all over again.

You know how you stop it?, you put laws in place and you basically deny absolute control. Disney nearly had the entire movie industry before your father was even born, and the US decided they had to put in special laws just to prevent Disney from gobbling up everything it saw in sight, and it's clear the same now needs to be done in the tech/games industry. Also, defamation laws really, really need to be ass tight when it comes to crap like this, because this is a case that's as clear as day of how you do not defame another company. 

It's delusional to think Epic will do any better, which is what I'm getting at for those who think everything will be sunshine and rainbows if they won the case. People seem to think that them winning will present trickle down economics, that we'll all benefit somehow, when that's far, far from the case. People need to lay off the Reagan economic studies and start waking up to how fake that concept really is. 

I don't care that I can't do anything. I just want too prevent idiots from thinking they can do the same thing, and growing up to being a spinless coward and a greedy tool like both Tim's. Better for me to nip shitty logic in the bud with regular folk, than tech billionaires who can run their mouth all day. 

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