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haxxiy said:
Ljink96 said:

Well, even with the PS4 they undercut Microsoft. But I maintain that I feel Sony wants a 400 dollar system to remain on the market while PS4 Pro drops from $399. I think we're seeing Sony wanting to branch out into more homes, and I don't think more expensive is how you do that. They've been down that route before. $399 is that sweet spot for Sony and one way or another I think they're going to hit it. 

You can't say Microsoft didn't make it easy by selling a console with a mobile CPU and a low end Radeon 7700 GPU for $499. It was less of an undercut than the Xbox division basically knocking themselves out of the game. After all, Sony themselves had aimed for budget hardware with the PS4.

Yeah, the Kinect didn't help either. But we'll see. I think they'll surprise us.