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It depends entirely on a single factor:
- supply

But there could also be unforeseen ways to grow the sales, with an expanding production to meet demand - the cost for manufacturing goes down. This makes a discount in time for the holidays feasible and still profitable for Nintendo and would boost sales a lot. Another way to boost sales is a bundle. I don't expect those to be the main factors for Ring Fit to see big growth - since supply remains the most important thing. Additional DLC for the game enables it to once again re-enter the news cycle in time for the holidays. Finally, Tencent's support will be interesting to watch, in China but hardware sales there would need to match it.

Finally, an overlooked aspect is continued lockdown and people looking for alternatives to their regular fitness regime. Ring Fit is very legit in that regard and will push a lot of people into console purchase who would have otherwise not been interested in buying a dedicated gaming console. 

Last edited by noshten - on 06 September 2020