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KLXVER said:
brute said:
People saying Ninty get away with these types of stuff while other companies cannot... Maybe when the others have as iconic games as Ninty then they will do the same thing, especially Mario 64/Galaxy type level iconic.

In the meantime, just pre-ordered!

Im sure a Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 collection in HD would bomb and everyone would hate on it, right? 

Probably not though.

Conina said:
OTBWY said:

Sorry but, the high res modern Mario model seems very out of place in that world. It's some kind of freakzoid hybrid. They best rework everything.. however in such a case imo it loses the look or soul of SM64.

Of course you can keep the old mario model and just replace textures.

I like this (12 year old) texture pack:

Comparison: an official screenshot of the new Mario 3D collection:

I’m sorry but those textures are ugly as sin. I’d rather look at the original. Look at the weird edgeless dirt, the flat tiles, the out-of-place sky and the silly looking Whomp. These things somehow actually have less detail than they originally did. High res doesn’t equal better.

I’m not saying Nintendo shouldn’t do anything with this game, in fact I stated earlier that I wished Nintendo would actually remake some things some times, but saying free emulators and texture packs some guy whipped up in an afternoon look better is just silly.