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Someone with so much mobility (flight) is useing a bow at close range? lol... I guess they just wanted to take a pretty screenshot of both characters.
Also wings to carry a person, but useing a gigantic heavy hammer as a weapon?

Doesnt seem like great throughout character design (its overpowered no? if you have a character with all strengths and no weaknesses).
Enviroment looks decent, could be fun flying around and exploreing from the look of things (on that first picture).

"battle powerful mythological beasts.... and solve ancient puzzles"
"fate of the world is at stake–you are the gods’ last hope"

hmmmm intresting.

"including self-guided arrows"

This is gonna be so cheesy.... I can see it now, your fighting a grounded unit, and flying around spamming self-guided arrows to wittle it down.