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chakkra said:
eva01beserk said:
Looks like im not the only one who noticed, but to me it looks like sony has the high ground. They got all the buzz and a 5 to 1 interest, so they probably dont need to say anything and hold on to the amo. If things stay as they are with nothing new coming sony will still have all the buzz. Since MS is the one that has to actually show a reason to own the box, they have to make a splash in the water and get things flowing and sony will in kind respond. But as it stands, they already said they have nothing for TGS. Maybe sony will show the bare minimun there cuz they dont want to waste a bomshell.

Interesting that you say that bcuz I haven't seen a reason for me to own the PS5 at launch (and yes, I saw Spiderman and R&C trailers). Kena looks really cool though (but still not enough).  

If sony has given you no reason to buy a PS5, then it means MS is a complete non-starter then. Because at least, unlike MS sony has shown games actually running on the PS5 hardware. And from a readiness point of view, Sony has shown more games that are slated to come within the first year of release.

R&C, Demon Souls, Spiderman, GT7, Kena, Horizon, Returnal..etc just to mention a few. There is also a slew of third-party exclusives too that are slated for the launch year. While one's game preference is purely subjective, the fact of the matter is that this is gearing up to be the strongest launch line up in PlayStation history.

I am not making an argument that those should enough for you, hell, it's possible that you do not like a single game I mentioned there or the games I forgot to mention (eg deathloop), but with regards to who seems more "ready" for next-gen, sony is definitely so far making a better case for itself. Which is something I find strange as I would have expected it to be MS being that they need to do so more. 

I mean...and I am saying it again, we have yet to see a single game running on the XSX. How is that even possible this close to launch? Well... unless we count Gears 5 then yh...