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the-pi-guy said:

> Do we get to see Jackson again? "No", that would be too "happy moment" right?

I'm pretty sure it's implied that Dina went back to Jackson and Ellie is going there as well.  

"Implying" and "showing" are two totally different things. A lot of things could've happened during that timeframe; Dina and the kid could've been attacked and killed on their way to Jackson, Dina could've found someone else to love, heck, Dina could've just decided that she would not withstand Ellie's crap anymore and not take her back; so no, I needed more than an "implied happy ending."

>But I thought the revenge would be just the start of something greater.

The point of the revenge was for Ellie to get closure of some sorts.  She understands the lengths and why that Joel did what he did in the first game. 

I actually agree with you here, but my problem with the story is that it took Ellie WAAAAAY too long to get to that point. I felt she crossed the line the moment she tortured the black girl to death, but I still would have been happy if the game had ended at the farm; Abby had spared her life twice at that point (and had spared Dina's life as well).