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Jaicee said:

-Unequal legal rights.

Which ones are those?
I live in denmark, and I dont think women have any unqual legal rights issues here.
Hell I'd argue the law often favors women over men, esp in terms of disputes (like marriage/devorce ect).

Jaicee said:

-Not enough women in positions of power.

Our current Prime minster is a woman. The last one from the same party was also a woman.
If you go back like 5-6 prime minsters its like split 50/50.
Our minister posts are the same, there basically also 50% women.

Jaicee said:

-Different expectations society has for women and men.

The man works to provide, and the woman races the family.
In denmark because of our social security net, child care, and schooling ect are all taken care off.
This means alot of women are actually in the work force (compaired to most other countries).
Why not? Why shouldn't women work too? So I'm all for this.  

I'm not sure if Im reading wiki right or not, but it says ~71% of women are in the labor work force (ie. if they want to work, they can and are).
We re ranked like 5th in the world on equality for women though.

Infact I'd say we have the other issue.
If a women is better educated or has a higher paying job, the issue is "stay at home dad" raiseing the family.
You'll probably still get a few odd looks as a stay at home dad.

Jaicee said:

I'm probably committing social suicide by dedicating a whole topic to women's issues on an otherwise all-male board, but oh well.

The first sentience of your post OP, is pretty sexist.

Jaicee said:

So what say you? Are women here in the U.S. or wherever you live treated equally in your view? Is there more work to do? Or...*sighs* I suspect may be a common opinion here on a practically all-male it your view that women are really just generally lazier, treated better than men, and simply too sensitive?

Let's see if we can have a productive discussion of this topic. Probably not (another thread of mine that's almost certain to get closed ), but just thought I'd try and see if we could get somewhere. Just in case I wasn't controversial enough already!

Again this is demeaning and sexist by you, makeing assumptions like this based on gender.

Why would women in general just be lazier?
Treated better than men? probably, I dont think its harder to be a women in denmark than it is to be a man.
Are women simply too sentsitive? nah, I'm all for gender equality, its only right if you don't have it in the US, you fight for it.

"Let's see if we can have a productive discussion of this topic. Probably not "

This isnt productive, thats a counter productive attirtude for a propper discussion on the matter.
Infact havn't you dont a few threads like this before? did you try to discuss the matter openly there? Did you start off such discussions with the same outlook?
Like if you want a real discussion, makeing generalisations that are unfair about people, isnt the best of starts.

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