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EDIT 17 Feb 2021: 

Released track #4. Feel free to check out the last post in this thread for some more background information and future plans which include the release of 2 albums and studio time. 

EDIT 13 dec 2020:

The rap album that I envision to make is halfway done with the most recent song recently published on Spotify, Apple Music and others

With a PS5 in my life for 3 weeks now I obviously have something else for distraction while still mostly remaining indoors. However I have been able to perform track 4, 5 (still needs quite some mixing and mastering) and writing number 6 now. Track 7 is some kind of mini podcast rap (for now in my head and didn't really figure out yet how to do that one.

ORIGINAL POST with updated visuals of track 1:

Hey guys,

I haven't been posting a lot on here but have been part of the community for at least 10 years I believe since the prime of the X360 vs PS3 wars. Not that long ago I wrote some lyrics and then some more and felt just posting it online as a rap song. I had a lot of fun writing and creating that I thought of more songs. Around 7 others I have in mind with a second one halfway through. Hopefully this is a right place and am allowed in this forum to post this.

Main inspiration I guess came from immortal technique. One thing I am trying to do is to not use any swear words or cussing. In here I did use the word shit though so please forgive :p
I did realize how hard it is to not be unneceraily vulgar with main stream content but also that which inspired me to contain so much swearing. I believe there is another way so will try to bring some songs out. Production quality is probably not superb but was able to license a track. For recording and mixing I just used a Blue Yeti X which I got second hand and Audacity since I don't have the budget for any more advanced software like Adobe Audition which requires a subscription.

Unrelated to the above:
Games I'm playing right now. GTA Online (playing with family), Ghosts of Tsushima, Don't Starve Together, Three Kingdoms Total War
Games I recently finished: The Last of Us II
Looking forward to get Captain Tsubasa soon

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Stories unfolded with my home made rap songs. Feel free to listen here with lyrics: