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Ka-pi96 said:
padib said:

The way it works is by marketshare. Suppose a company has 100% marketshare and they dictate all the rules, then people would have no choice but to bend to those rules. That's what a monopoly is. So your government would actually have a leg to stand on depending on Apple's marketshare of smart OSs in the United Kingdom.

Not really. My point was that the government has an enforced monopoly on 100% of the TV market and makes everybody give them money from it. So if they were to criticise Apple in any way, regardless of their marketshare, then they'd be massive hypocrites. Plus I'm sure Apple's marketshare would be quite a bit less than 100%.

Fact is that on the iOS environment the apple app store is the only option (thus a 100% marketshare on iOS) for 1. downloads and 2. payments in apps ( unless the app opens safari for you and refers you towards a website for iDeal or whatever payment system )

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